Your First Visit to Dolmat Chiropractic Clinic

On your first visit to Dolmat Chiropractic we start you with a couple standard forms to gather your information ( which are available on our website to print off and get a head start). Once the forms are complete we can walk you through our beautiful office, ending the tour in Dr. Dolmat's office giving you a chance to watch an educational video about chiropractic and meet with Dr. Dolmat himself. Once you have given Dr. Dolmat your history, we can proceed with our Chiropractic/Orthopedic/Neurological examination. During this exam we will capture, height, weight, blood pressure and range of motion. After completion of the exam our office will take an x-ray to check for the presence of spinal subluxation/misalignment or any other spinal conditions. Upon completion of the consultation, examination and x-ray reading Dr. Dolmat may begin your care, depending on your specific condition. Dr. Dolmat will not begin your care until he is confident that it is both safe and beneficial to you. Dr. Dolmat will then go over the consultation, examination and the x-rays with you. This is where Dr. Dolmat will let you know his recommendations and if he can help your specific condition.


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